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STAGE – DEEPLIFE – Research internship deep learning applied to drug discovery


Station F - 5 Parvis Alan Turing, 75013 Paris

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At DeepLife, our team focus their effort for the development of state-of-the-art deep learning and reinforcement learning techniques in order to accelerate drug discovery. Drug discovery lies in two steps: First, identification of a target which will drive disease cells state toward a healthy state. Second, design of a molecule that will act specifically on the target. At DeepLife, we are working on AI assisted tools for target identification, which is the first step toward bio-engineering. We believe that AI assisted bio-engineering is the next major revolution of the 21th century, and we aim to be a pioneer in this field.

Job description

Our team is developing digital twins of human cells using sequencing data. Your work is to design deep learning algorithms addressing state-of-the art challenges in genetics. Your finding will play a major part for a proof-of-concept with one of our partners. We are looking for a candidate willing to push back boundaries in deep learning in order to disrupt the way drug discovery is performed today. Are you ready to tackle this challenge?


Minimum qualifications:

  • Written / spoken fluency in English
  • Find relevant information and implement algorithms from academic literature
  • Strong background in machine learning and deep learning
  • Master 2, engineer degree or equivalent

Preferred qualifications:

  • Solid skills in applied mathematics
  • A real passion for AI
  • Experience working with large datasets using Python, Matlab, or other statistical software

More informations

  • We are committed to partner with the academic community and publish our work in the best international conferences.
  • This internship may lead to a PhD or a R&D engineer full time position
  • Localization: Station F - 5 Parvis Alan Turing, 75013 Paris
  • Website:
  • Contact:

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