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Satellite image analysis for photovoltaic development



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The GRP Smart Energy & Digital Lab (E-LAB) at TOTAL SA is a center of Research & Development responsible for design, optimization, and control of complex energy systems (hybrid power plants, micro-grids etc.) and developing data driven solutions for the business entities.

The lab has 30 researchers and engineers specialized in system development, data science and electrical system integrations located across Paris, Lyon, San Francisco, and Raleigh.


The GRP Smart Energy & Digital Lab (E-LAB) is engaged in development of innovative solutions in the area of solar energy production & distribution. Within the framework of on-going development, the E-LAB would like to propose a 4-6 months internship opportunity to work on some of the following topics:

                - High resolution satellite image analysis for PV panels detection, Parking detection and PV potential estimation.

                - PV production forecast model based on sky image.

                - Clear sky PV production forecast and analysis.

                - Solar module soiling analysis.

                - Solar module shading analysis.

                - Solar module degradation rate estimation.             


This internship position is based in Paris - La Défense.            


Ideal candidate must have a strong background in applied mathematics, statistics and programming (Python/R).

Candidates should send their CV to : and before 15th February.